Two gi specialists join Polaris 27 welterweight grand prix

Polaris 27

Another two competitors have joined the welterweight grand prix lineup for Polaris 27 and after Jozef Chen and Jed Hue, that means that the lineup is now halfway to being complete.

Both the third and fourth men in the bracket are actually gi competitors primarily, but they are both tough opponents no matter the ruleset. First up is top Australian competitor Levi Jones-Leary, who has won several major IBJJF tournaments over the course of his career so far. He has already beaten some of the biggest names in the sport like Oliver Taza, Gianni Grippo, and Lucas Lepri, so he stands a good chance of winning this tournament too.

The fourth entrant is one of the best competitors in Europe, Espen Mathiesen. It’ll be interesting to see if Mathiesen is able to get his patented berimbolo game to work well in no gi competition, but he’s already used it to great effect in the gi. He’s won the IBJJF European Open and has plenty of experience on the Polaris mats, with four matches under his belt already. Each one of them was an impressive outing, and he hasn’t been beaten at Polaris yet.