Roberto Jimenez and Magid Hage in Polaris 19 main event

Polaris 28

The main event for Polaris 19 is finally in the books! It will feature two of the most exciting grapplers on the planet who’s styles should make for a fast-paced and wild matchup.

Roberto Jimenez is a black belt under his father, Raul, who lives and trains in the United States. The young star has already taken some impressive scalps since receiving his final belt promotion, most notably Keenan Cornelius. It isn’t as though that’s the only big name on Jimenez’s resume though as he has also managed to submit Fellipe Andrew, Pedro Marinho, Nathan Orchard, and Kade Ruotolo in the past. While Jimenez technically has three draws and a win on the Polaris stage, they all came at Polaris Squads 3 and he was one of the most exciting members of the victorious Team USA.

Jimenez will be coming up against Magid Hage IV, who is perhaps best known for having one of the best baseball bat chokes in the sport. As this will be a no gi match, it’s incredibly unlikely he’s able to utilize his most-feared weapon but Hage is still an elite grappler regardless. He’s been working hard recently to qualify for ADCC 2022 and has come within the smallest of margins twice already, losing out to the eventual qualifiers Mica Galvao and Kade Ruotolo at the South and North American trials respectively.

Considering that Jimenez emerged victorious at the second South American trials and booked his place at ADCC 2022, this match could serve as the start of an epic rivalry between two exciting talents.