Polaris leaves the UK for Grapple Island

Polaris 28

Polaris is expanding and for our 21st event, we will be putting on a show outside of the UK for the very first time with ‘Grapple Island’.

The promotion will be making the trip to the beautiful island of Sardinia on Saturday, 24th September. The event will be held on that night in Cagliari, in conjunction with BJJ Summer Week. They are a world-leading BJJ training camp organization that regularly holds seminars with elite athletes and coaches alike. For the very first time, Polaris will be staging an event to cap off a fantastic week of training for those in attendance.

The tickets for Polaris 21: Grapple Island will be available to purchase for all members of the public regardless, but attendees of the BJJ Summer Week will be first in line for discounted tickets.