Polaris Contenders – Everything You Need to Know

The second ever Polaris Contenders will take place on September 14 at the Sports Wales National Centre, from 14:30.

Polaris Contenders is designed to give athletes a clear route from “amateur” to “professional”, and a way to fight your way to a spot on Polaris Pro, which is broadcast on UFC Fight Pass.

This competition is “no gi”, meaning shorts, rashguard, spats are permitted. No shoes/wrestling boots. No cups.

This competition is open age (18+) and open belt, matches will be drawn at random. Final brackets will be released tomorrow on Thursday 12th September.

All matches will be 10 minutes long as per our prelim card format and if no submission is achieved then a judges decision will be awarded. Rules can be found here –

The event is due to open at 14:30 with weigh ins getting underway from around 14:45. There will be a +500gram allowance for the weight classes which are Lightweight 70.3Kg and Light Heavyweight 93Kg.

Each weight class will have a maximum of 32 competitors split into two brackets of 16, single elimination style. Byes will be given at random if necessary.

The winners of each bracket will face each other at Polaris 12, which takes place in Wales in late November and will be broadcast live on UFC Fightpass.

Second place will receive free tickets to watch Polaris 12.

Each athlete may have up to 3 cornermen / spectators.

Each competitor will receive a free Polaris t-shirt – stock dependent.

Event is being held at: The Judo Centre – Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9SW, UK.

All competitors are required to sign a waiver before attending, if you haven’t already done so then please follow this link –

If you have any questions then please drop us a facebook or instagram message or email us on

See you Saturday!