Polaris 24 preliminary card fills out with five more matches

Polaris 28

The preliminary card of Polaris 24 has doubled in size now, as five more matches can be confirmed for 3rd June, 2023.

Dinu Bucalet is returning to Polaris for an individual match after representing Team Europe at two Squads events, and he will be facing top prospect Ollie Webb. Another talented youngster Will Nichols is competing in the second preliminary match announced, and he will be taking on Elite Jiu-Jitsu’s Leo Blum. The third match announced is between a pair of Polaris veterans known for their exciting styles and fast pace, Dominic Dillon and Nathan Kay.

Next up is actually a gi match between two incredibly well-respected and prolific UK competitors. Matt Inman and Yousuf Nabi will be competing against one another in what is sure to be a close match, as both men have seen it all by now. The final preliminary match confirmed in this batch is the first women’s match of Polaris 24, between professional MMA fighter Shanelle Dyer and Carlson Gracie Hull product Julia Scardone.