Polaris 22 features Middleweight Grand Prix

Polaris 28

Polaris will be returning to Southampton in the UK on November 5th and Polaris 22 will feature the second Grand Prix tournament. This time however, the Grand Prix will take place in the Middleweight division with both $20,000 and the Polaris world title on the line.

Craig Jones originally won the Middleweight title all the way back at Polaris 6 when he submitted Jake Shields and he has since defended the title on two occasions. Jones defeated both Matheus Lutes and Davi Ramos by decision at Polaris 10 and Polaris 17 respectively, along with winning the Light-Heavyweight title against Keenan Cornelius at Polaris 8.

Since Jones bulked up to the 99kg division for ADCC 2022 he has decided to vacate his Middleweight title and it will now be on the line for the Polaris 22 Grand Prix. Alongside the elite grapplers who will be invited to compete, one spot in the tournament will be available to the winner of the latest edition of Polaris Contenders.