Polaris 17 prelims finalised with two more matches

Polaris 28

The final two matches of the Polaris 17 prelims can now be announced, rounding out the six-fight list that will take place just prior to the main card.

One of the most exciting and relentless grapplers in the UK will be making his return to the Polaris mats, Squads member and UK grand prix veteran Dominic Dillon. He will be taking on another experienced MMA fighter in Scott Pooley, and with over twenty professional fights between them this is sure to be a tough battle between two men with plenty of combat sports experience.

Alongside this top-tier UK matchup is a battle between two equally exciting younger competitors. Shane Curtis is also a returning competitor from the UK grand prix and despite still being a brown belt in BJJ, he’s able to put on fantastic matches with some of the top competitors in the country. Standing across from him will be Ben Hills, a black belt competing out of Next Generation MMA in Liverpool who has over a decade of competitive Jiu-Jitsu experience despite being just 28 years old.