Polaris 13 Absolute Grand Prix Line-Up

On April 4th, Polaris returns to the International Convention Center in Newport, Wales with a stacked show. Unlike previous events, Polaris 13 will be focused around a one-night tournament featuring some of the biggest names in the world of submission grappling.

The Absolute Grand Prix features some Polaris regulars as well as some promotional debutants, but without further ado, let’s meet the athletes:

Nick Rodriguez

Fresh off his main event victory at Polaris 12, Nick Rodriguez is back and looking to build upon his 3-0 record at Polaris. Rodriguez is an ADCC silver medalist and holds wins over some of the sport’s most impressive grapplers including Cyborg Abreu, Orlando Sanchez and Mahamed Aly.

Nathan Orchard

The lightest entrant to our tournament is Nathan Orchard. Orchard is a black belt under 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu founder Eddie Bravo and is the reigning Shugyo Invitational champion. Orchard holds wins over Craig Jones and the great Baret Yoshida.

Mike Perez

ADCC veteran Mike Perez has signed on to compete in our tournament. El Patron, a black belt under the legendary Andre Galvao, has a wealth of big-tournament experience and will be looking to continue his Polaris winning streak on April 4th.

Adam Wardzinski

Adam Wardziński is one of the greatest European grapplers of all-time. Known for his butterfly guard mastery, Wardziński is a gifted competitor and competes at the highest level in gi and nogi tournaments. Wardziński will be making his Polaris debut, but will find himself surrounded by familiar faces as he has faced a number of fellow GP participants in the past.

Freddie Vosgrone

Freddie Vosgrone is a true fan favourite and while he isn’t as accomplished as some of the tournaments competitors, what Vosgrone lacks in experience he makes up in excitement. German born Vosgrone lives and competes out of London, England and has tasted victory in all his appearances in Polaris thus far including a big win against Ash Amos at Polaris 12.

Patrick Gaudio

Fresh off an impressive gold medal run at the Europeans, Patrick Gaudio is set to star at Polaris 13. Gaudio is one of our larger entrants, but that doesn’t mean he is lacking in technique. Gaudio holds impressive victories over Keenan Cornelius, Jackson Souza and Romulo Barral to name but a few.

Kaynan Duarte

Joining the rest of the field is the reigning ADCC champion Kaynan Duarte. Duarte is one of the best grapplers in the world and holds wins over fellow tournament entrants Nick Rodriguez, Patrick Gaudio and Adam Wardziński . Kaynan is the overwhelming favourite, but with all the athletes gunning for him, Duarte will have his work cut out for him.

Our 8th entrant will be decided by our 32-man tournament for Brown and Black belts only at Sweatbox Gym, Bristol on March 7th.

It is our mission in Polaris to create excitement, and to balance elite levels of skill along with showmanship and flair. By creating an openweight GP and inviting different weights, styles and experiences to compete against each other, the stage is set for non-stop action.

Polaris 13: Absolute Grand Prix
Saturday April 4
ICC Wales, Newport
Live on @ufcfightpass

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