PJ Barch and Davis Asare join Polaris welterweight grand prix

Polaris 28

The welterweight grand prix at Polaris 27 is now three-quarters of the way full, as the next two competitors have joined the lineup.

First up is one of the top 10th Planet representatives around right now, PJ Barch. Not only is Barch an ADCC veteran, but he also holds wins over some of the best grapplers in the division like JT Torres and Dante Leon. Barch has been a fantastic competitor for several years now but he had his breakthrough performance at ADCC 2022, where he managed to finish in fourth place in one of the most stacked 77kg divisions the promotion has ever seen.

The next entrant to the Polaris welterweight grand prix is top New Wave Jiu-Jitsu prospect Davis Asare, who recently broke through to the highest level of competition with an incredible performance at ADCC European Trials. Asare took silver in the 77kg division by beating both Oliver Taza and the Polaris welterweight champion Mateusz Szczecinski. It was a fantastic performance that Asare will be looking to build off by beating some of the huge names competing at Polaris 27.