One final change to both Team UK & Ireland and Team USA for Polaris Squads 3

Polaris 28

Both Team UK & Ireland and Team USA have had to make one final change to their lineups ahead of Polaris Squads 3 on August 7th. The man who was responsible for the match-winning point in the first Polaris Squads event against Team Europe, Tom Halpin, has had to withdraw from Team UK & Ireland and he has been swapped out with one of Darragh O’Connail’s most recent black belts, Ellis Younger.

On Team USA, one of their recent replacements, Mike Perez, has had to withdraw from the event and has been replaced by Combat Jiu Jitsu veteran Hunter Colvin. Not only will he be bringing plenty of high-level competitive experience to the team, but Colvin is also unique among both teams as an active MMA fighter who’s still relatively early in his journey through the ranks.

The full lineup for both teams is now as follows:

Team UK and Ireland

Under 75kg

Jed Hue
Ross Nicholls
Ellis Younger
Darragh O’Connail (Captain)

Under 95kg

Bradley Hill
Dan Strauss
Kieran Davern
Ben Dyson

Team USA

Under 75kg

Geo Martinez (Co-Captain)
Nathan Orchard
Nick Ronan
Adam Benayoun

Under 95kg

Roberto Jimenez
Hunter Colvin
Richie Martinez (Co-Captain)
Jon Blank