More matches added to Polaris 21 lineup

Polaris 28

Another two matches have just been added to the lineup for Polaris 21: Grapple Island, and both of them will feature some of the best grapplers from around Europe.

The first match added will see one of the top Berimbolo experts in the continent facing off against Italy’s top BJJ athlete. Espen Mathiesen is known for his elite-level back-taking game and he’s already shown it off on the Polaris mats with his stellar performance at Polaris Squads 2. Since then he’s also gone on to win an IBJJF European Championship, something that his Squads teammate-turned-opponent Luca Anacoreta has also done himself twice before.

The second match added to Grapple Island is a battle between two legends of the sport. Tom Barlow has been a black belt for over a decade now and still competes regularly, although Polaris fans will also recognise him as a regular commentator. He will be facing an incredibly tough challenge for anyone in the form of Robson Moura, a five-time IBJJF world champion who’s first title came all the way back in 1997.