Last spots on Polaris Squads 3 are filled by Ben Dyson and Kade Ruotolo!

Polaris 28

Team UK & Ireland and Team USA are now completely finalized as the last spots on each team have been filled by Ben Dyson and Kade Ruotolo respectively.

Ben Dyson is the third competitor from Team UK & Ireland to have made an appearance at ADCC 2019, where he came up against the eventual silver medalist Craig Jones in the opening round. Dyson has previous experience on the Polaris mats as he came up against the Danaher Death Squad’s Nicky Rodriguez back at Polaris 11 and comfortably held his own against the physically-imposing wrestler. He’s trained all around the world over the years and is known for his phenomenal work from the front headlock, including a variation of a classic submission that he calls ‘the Dorset Necktie’.

There is also now a new youngest competitor at Polaris Squads 3 as the eighteen year-old ATOS prodigy Kade Ruotolo joins Team USA. Ruotolo and his twin brother Tye have both shot to stardom in the Jiu-Jitsu world over the last year or two after repeatedly performing at an incredibly high level for grapplers still in their teenage years. He already holds a decision victory over Polaris triple champion Ashley Williams and it’ll be interesting to see he can repeat this feat in a submission-only format. Ruotolo is known for his leg-pinning passing tactics and lightning-quick D’arce chokes, something he very nearly caught Williams off-guard with last time they met.