First two entrants emerge for welterweight grand prix

The lineup for the welterweight grand prix at Polaris 27 has just started to take shape as the first two competitors can be announced.

Jozef Chen is the first person to join the lineup and after an incredible performance at the ADCC European Trials in 2023 he has set himself up to become one of the top contenders in this tournament. Chen had to get through one of the hardest ADCC Trials runs in history and managed to take out several elite competitors to book his place at ADCC 2024. He’s already proven he belongs among the best in the welterweight division and Polaris 27 is the ideal time for him to make a big statement by repeating that feat.

The second competitor entering the welterweight grand prix is one of the most popular figures in Polaris history, Jed Hue. Not only has Hue been a frequent competitor at Polaris but he’s also established himself as one of the top UK grapplers. He made it all the way to the final of the middleweight grand prix back at Polaris 22 so moving down in weight might be just the advantage he needs to clear that final hurdle and take home the grand prize.