First five preliminary card matches for Polaris 24 confirmed

Polaris 28

With the main card of Polaris 24 already starting to take shape, the first five matches of the preliminary card can now be confirmed too.

First up is an exciting match between a pair of MMA veterans in Ash Grimshaw and Fabrizio Calio. Grimshaw fought for virtually every UK MMA promotion that existed in the last two decades and Calio is known for his exciting style in the cage. The second match to be confirmed features two rising stars of the professional grappling scene in the UK; London Grapple’s Peter Sharmakou and one of Jed Hue’s top students, Francesco Bartolotta.

Aeon BJJ’s Sam Gibbs will be facing the IBJJF no gi European champion at purple belt, Hejraat Rashid, in the third match of the preliminary card. Next up is Chris Macken and Jaye Paul, two competitors who are known for excitement and creativity in how they approach their matches. The final match of the first five preliminary card announcements will see Nathan Jones returning after an exciting debut at Polaris 19, to take on Jack Gover in what should be an incredibly tough match for both men.