Final two matches added to Polaris 21

Polaris 27

Polaris 21 is fast-approaching and the main card is now complete as the last two matches can now be revealed.

First up is a match involving a veteran BJJ and MMA competitor in Leigh Remedios. He will be eager to get back in the win column after getting caught with a straight armlock in his Polaris debut against Caol Uno back at Polaris 21. Remedios comes up against Nick ‘The Tooth’ Gullo, who MMA fans will likely recognise from ‘Dana White’s Looking For a Fight’. Gullo isn’t just a combat sports personality though, as he’s a long-time BJJ practitioner and has even won an IBJJF world championship at brown belt in a masters division.

The final match added to the Polaris 21 card includes one of the most popular grapplers to make his name on our mats. Jed Hue has four wins in single matches and six draws in the Polaris Squads format, making him one of the most experienced Polaris competitors around. He will be facing a fourteen-fight UFC veteran who’s known for winning fights with the use of his phenomenal Jiu-Jitsu game, Paul Craig.