Amy Campo and Giovanna Jara added to Polaris 23 grand prix

Polaris 28

The bracket for the women’s under 66kg grand prix is now half-full, as two more elite female grapplers have been added to the lineup for Polaris 23 on March 11th.

With the addition of Amy Campo, both of the female champions from ADCC 2022 are now competing in the tournament. Campo has only been a black belt a little over a year, but she’s already won practically everything there is to win in the sport. In her debut year she won ADCC trials to earn her spot before becoming an ADCC world champion and an IBJJF no gi world champion, alongside winning silver in the no gi absolute division and in the gi as well.

The fourth woman to enter the tournament at Polaris 23 is Giovanna Jara. The Dream Art Project black belt has won the IBJJF world championships multiple times during her journey through the coloured belt divisions, before winning ADCC trials last year. She went out in the opening round of ADCC 2022 to Kendall Reusing but aside from that match, Jara has not been submitted in black belt competition. She’s an incredibly tough and skilled competitor who is more than capable of beating any of the other women in the under 66kg grand prix.