Absolute Grand Prix lineup rounded out by Kaynan Duarte and Fabricio Andrey

Polaris 28

With Polaris 25 fast-approaching, the final two competitors who are being invited to Absolute Grand Prix can now be confirmed and only one spot remains for the winner of the Contenders tournament.

Kaynan Duarte is not only a two-time IBJJF world champion and a two-time ADCC world champion, but he’s no stranger to absolute divisions either. Duarte has reached the podium of absolute tournaments on several occasions and he will be one of the heaviest competitors in the bracket, so he stands a great chance of winning. It’s tough for anyone to beat Duarte but the Absolute Grand Prix is stacked with elite grapplers and they’re all capable of stopping him on the right day.

The second grappler invited to Polaris 25 is also the lightest competitor so far, Fabricio Andrey. Although he generally competes at 70kg or less, Andrey is still an IBJJF world champion in his own right. He has a fast-paced style that always produces exciting matches and even though he’ll be at a size disadvantage, he has what it takes to outwork bigger opponents. Andrey is also a Polaris veteran too, as he had three matches where he helped Team Brazil storm to victory at Polaris Squads 4.