About Us

Polaris is Europe’s longest running large-scale professional grappling event, hosting some of the best grapplers in the world. With a ruleset that prioritises submissions, excitement and skill above all else, Polaris has been host to some of the most exciting matches ever seen on a grappling stage.

Polaris features gi and no gi matches, male and female and is the worldwide leader in professional grappling events.

The Polaris staff are as follows.

Founding Members / Directors / Producers

Matthew Benyon & Ben Tong (Scramble Brand)

Gareth Dummer & Lee Jones (Tatami Fightwear)

Polaris Officials

Nick Brooks – Head Referee

Oliver Geddes – Referee

Ed Ingamells – Referee

Dan Hardy – Judge

David Onuma – Judge

Marc Goddard – Judge

Key Staff

Matt Cook – Web development

Matt McGovern

Seb Sapno

Michael Steven – Videography

Alex Hare – Motion Graphics

Mike Camp – Fixer